Opel Sees Nearly 6 Minutes Engagement Time on Passendo Native Format

These days, traditional advertising channels are simply not effective at motivating audiences to take action. We already know the click-through rate on display ads are overwhelmingly low, impacting even known brands like Opel.

Then what does one of the most renowned car manufacturer do to stay top of mind and gain real business traction online?

It capitalizes on more powerful marketing activities — namely, as the data below suggests, content marketing.

Digital marketing impact 2018

*Source: https://www.smartinsights.com/digital-marketing-strategy/10-marketing-trends/



Building a Content Destination

The editorial website is the holy grail of content marketing, as is the ownership of its audience.

Opel knew it had to build its own content destination, and instead of producing it in own environment where tactics such as retargeting could have been beneficial, Opel saw a much higher value in cooperating with a neutral and external trusted media source – Bilmagasinet. Bilmagasinet is one of the most trusted Car Magazines in Denmark, and they wrote an article about Opel Insignia and their award as the year’s business car 2018.



Driving Results Through Content Distribution

Opel has been working very actively with it’s content marketing strategy during the past years, constantly testing new channels, and in a crowded and evolving market, no brands can solely rely and build a strategy on todays results.

Email as a distribution channel was new to Opel and with Passendo’s scalable native widget, they decided to kick off with the Opel Insigna.

So in close cooporation with Passendo’s account management team, the plan was to:

  • Run the campaign in a selection of the 20 most well known business media in Denmark
  • A communication strategy in the distribution content that would attract the right audience and lead to engagement on the content destination.
  • Build minimum 4-5 pieces of content
  • Optimizing after frequency 10 on all devices



The initial results:

By promoting high-quality owned content on newsletters like Berlingske Business, Finans and Investor, Opel saw an average time spent on the content destination page of nearly 6 minutes. The CTR on the distribution content was 0,3%.

” Working with Passendo feels more like we have a new member on our marketing team. Their managers really get into the trenches with us to make sure our campaign is constantly optimized. And the results on user engagement time have been excellent and far exceeded our expectations.”
– Anders Juul Olesen, CRM & Digital Marketing Specialist


You can download the case in a PDF format here



January 7, 2018 Anders Rantzau Rasmussen



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