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Case Study: Passendo Outperform traditional web display for DanCenter

DanCenter A/S is one of the biggest holiday rental companies in the Danish market – offering it’s services on 6 markets.

They provide it’s services to the owners of approximately 12,000 holiday homes and count approximately 160 employees spread out on a number of local offices and sales companies.

November 15, 2017    

Native Advertising DAYS 2017″ November 8-10 l Berlin

Passendo will be joining “Native Advertising DAYS 2017” November 8 -10 2017 l Berlin. Looking forward to some inspiring days!

As part of our Native Advertising strategy and expansion into the Nordics and Germany, we are very interested in meeting new people to work and cooperate with: Publishers, Advertisers, Agencies, Sales houses, Partners, …

October 31, 2017    

[Mediawatch] har interviewet Passendo om annoncering i nyhedsbreve

Mediawatch skriver om kommercialisering af mediers nyhedsbreve og hvor vores kunder som Berlingske Media, Egmont, JP/Pol håber at kunne øge indtægterne fra annoncer i nyhedsbreve.

Berlingske Media’s Digitale direktør Christian Stavik udtaler sig også….

Klik her og læs hele artiklen i Mediawatch

October 23, 2017    

Top 3 native annonce-tips til Julesæsonen!

Tag en dyb indånding. Det er næsten den tid på året igen … Jul!

Det store spørgsmål for mange online marketing folk på denne tid af året er ofte, “Hvilke kampagneformater fungerer, og hvordan optimerer jeg dem bedst muligt?”

Native annoncer kan være enormt effektive, hvis du leder efter et seriøst format til at distribuere dit budskab – og eller konverterer dem til leads eller “light sales”!

Her er 3 tips der kan være med til at sikre, at dine egne native annoncer kan få lov at ‘glimte’ i julen.

October 20, 2017    

Dansk Markedsføring om Native Annoncer i e-mail:

Dansk Markedsføring har skrevet en artikel om Passendo’s succes med native annoncer i email og fordelene herved. Derudover skriver de også om vores vej ind i resten af Norden og Tyskland og med en snarlig forventet programmatisk integration som så det bliver muligt at sælge annoncer i nyhedsbreve via auktion, som man kender fra almindelige bannerreklamer via programmatic og RTB:

Læs artiklen på Danske Markedsføring her

October 8, 2017    

Native case: “Unique and proprietary inventory is invaluable”

Austrian National Tourist Office: “Passendo exceeded our expectations by far”

Austrian National Tourist Office needed a partner that could offer them a unique audience in a previously untapped channel that would, increase brand awareness among travelers and drive positive traffic to the landing page.

In cooporation with Anders Stilling Olesen, Marketing Manager, from Austrian National Tourist Office, we have build a campaign case, with the most essential key take aways  from the latest Native Campaign.


Please download the case here



September 29, 2017    

Meet us at Dmexco!

Let’s meet up and get a quick coffee

We would love to say Hi and introduce you to our platform if you want. We could give you a brief overview of the real value of email advertisement and show you how easy you can monetize ads across all your newsletters from 1 platform – e.g. with Native Ads or Rich Media Units.

Please contact our Co-Founder and Sales Director Anders Rasmussen to arrange a 10-15 min talk.

+45 2968 0833 I

August 16, 2017    

Welcome to All Mailup Users!

At Passendo we’re proud to have teamed up with Italy’s biggest ESP. Therefore we’d like to welcome all users to our system that is directly integrated in the Mailup e-mail platform. As a welcoming gift we want to offer you one month’s free demo. If you’re not quite sure whether Passendo is for you, we’ll answer some of the questions you might have in this article.

June 13, 2017    

How Offering Niche Newsletters Doubled NYT E-Mail List to 13 Million in Just a Few Years

In three years the New York Times has doubled their list of newsletter subscribers accumulating to an impressive 13 million, according to an internal memo. Part of their success is due to their strategic approach to e-mail which includes a range of niche newsletters such as local news as well as more frequent publications.

June 1, 2017    

Interview: Five Insights from “Vores Villa”

VoresVilla has been part of the Passendo customer base since the testing started. They can’t understand how other publishers fail to make money on their newsletters. We had a talk about the benefits of using an adserver that is specialised for both e-mail and display with Digital Director Allan Schou from VoresVilla. This article will tell you some of their secrets and give you 5 reasons why publishers should choose Passendo to monetise their newsletters.

April 21, 2017