Welcome to All Mailup Users!

At Passendo we’re proud to have teamed up with Italy’s biggest ESP. Therefore we’d like to welcome all Mailup.com users to our system that is directly integrated in the Mailup e-mail platform. As a welcoming gift we want to offer you one month’s free demo. If you’re not quite sure whether Passendo is for you, we’ll answer some of the questions you might have in this article.

What is Passendo?

Passendo has revolutionised the way we think of e-mail. We have managed to solve an ancient challenge with monetising newsletters and e-mail by making it just as easy to make targeted ads in your e-mails as you’re used to in display. In short. We’ve made e-mail programmatic.

What Are the Benefits of Programmatic E-mails?

Programmatic advertising gives you better control over the campaigns you run in your e-mails – whether you send out newsletters, marketing automation campaigns or other e-mails. You become better at giving your customers the best spots for their target group. Because you can monitor and control your campaigns and inventory, you’re able to ensure that your clients only pay for the ads that have been displayed. That is, they only pay if the e-mail in which they’re featured has been opened.

In short you can:

  • Monetise your newsletter and manage advertisements
  • Provide your advertisers with better targeting and results
  • Utilize, monetise and control your entire e-mail inventory
  • Suggest products based in previous consumption
  • Introduce retargeting across all platforms.

All of this from one platform if you’re a Mailup user since we’ve integrated our system with Mailup.

How Is It Different for Mailup Users?

Because we’ve partnered up with Mailup and they’ve integrated Passendo directly in their ESP, it’s even easier for you to control your campaigns since you only have to use one single platform. At the same time, Mailup has received training in the Passendo add-on if you happen to have any questions along the way.

Get Your First Month Free

Right now we’re offering a one month’s trial period to all Mailup users that is already familiar to e-mail advertising and have a minimum of 500.000 opened e-mails per month. There are zero strings attached. Simply sign up HERE to start your free month.

Once again, welcome to Passendo. If you still have any questions, please give us a call at +45 2968 0833. If we don’t answer the first time – please try again later

June 13, 2017 Denice Brun



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